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Picture of Simon Ertel

I am a Full Stack JavaScript Web Developer and Artist who loves learning new technologies and frameworks. Always in search of creative programming solutions. I love to code and develop exciting projects. I’m a quick learner and always curious for new knowledge. With my Fine Arts backround I enjoy creating digital worlds and implenting responsive web design.


Ironhack Web Development Bootcamp

From june 2020 - august 2020 I attended the Ironhack Web Development Bootcamp in Berlin. Ironhack is a ten-week, 400+ hour full stack development bootcamp teaching the MERN stack. I was granted a scholarship by Electronic Arts.

Module 1: FrontEnd | HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Canvas, JavaScript & Git;
Module 2: BackEnd | NodeJS, Passport.js, Express & MongoDB;
Module 3: MERN Stack | React & Deployment of a web app

Fine Art Degree

I studied Fine Art at the Artschool Mainz and graduated in July 2015.