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MyTent is an web application where you can add nice spots to camp in the wilderness to a map. Users can sign up to create an account which allows them to add these places and also allows them to add spots from other Users to their favorites.
MyTent was realized with: React MongoDB Express Node JS Mapbox GL JS API

Chat app

This is a social media app using the MERNG stack.
I implemented a GraphQL server that uses Node and Express to communicate to a MongoDB Database and that fetches and persists data to a social media app back-end.
- Users can create and delete posts
- Users can like and comment posts of other users
This app was realized with:
React, MongoDB, Express, Node JS, GraphQL



An oldschool Jump'N'Run game realized with JavaScript and P5.js



An App that provides you with the realtime Pollen Count according to your Allergies.
Realized with JavaScript, MonongoDb, Express and Bootstrap.

Art Portfolio Website for Morgaine Schäfer

This is an Art portfolio website that I created for Düsseldorf based Artist Morgaine Schäfer.
For this project I used wordpress, JavaScript and Elementor.

Interior of Data

Interior of Data is an interactive Artwork I realized for Düsseldorf based Artist Dora Celentano.
I implemented a responsive Image map thatt allows you to click on the different drawings. These are links to other webpages that inspired the artist for these specific drawings.
This app was realized with:
HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Art Portfolio Website for Thorsten Schoth

This is an Art portfolio website that I created for Düsseldorf based Artist Thorsten Schoth. I made a custumized animated menu
For this project I used HTML, CSS and JavaScript.